I’m Just Like You! Reflection of a Tech Coach on The School Shutdown and a Special Offer

For me, it was March 16 when everything seemed to start changing. Up until that day, even with all the craziness around me, my life was still kind of normal. My daughter starred in the district’s musical Wizard of Oz on Saturday. I went out to eat with my parents. I picked up my groceries like every other Sunday (except for toilet paper, that had already been bought up!). But it wasn’t until that moment on March 16, when we were told “school’s closed” that I realized it was real and things would be different.

Since I’m not a K-12 classroom teacher, I didn’t have to scramble to get lessons together. I didn’t have to worry about the ungraded assessments or the ones that I hadn’t given yet. I didn’t have to worry about the books or jackets that students left in my classroom. Yet, it was a struggle mentally because I was anticipating what was to come . . . how will we reach all of our students remotely?! 
My colleague and I did scramble to get resources together. We created how-to videos from our dining rooms. We replied to emails and phone calls from frantic teachers, parents, and students. We considered how our role must shift to support teachers in their new learning environments. And we made it through! It wasn’t perfect, but it was what needed to happen in that moment. 
And now we find ourselves in the next phase: waiting and wondering! While our state has issued some guidelines, spiking cases of Covid-19 are continuing to cause shifts. The face-to-face summer program we were going to hold in July has been postponed and may be totally virtual or totally cancelled. Other districts are issuing their plans but my district is still assessing everything (including those other districts’ plans) to make the best decision for our students.

I am not new to technology and learning. I completed my entire master’s in educational technology online! I spent my last year in the classroom integrating technology into my instruction and the 3 last years helping other teachers successfully do the same. BUT . . . I’M JUST LIKE YOU! I was scared of the changes that came in the Spring. I am adjusting to new protocols just to leave the house. I am missing my students, my colleagues, and my routine (YES, I MISS GOING TO WORK EVERYDAY!). I am nervous, uncertain, hopeful, and just a little scared. And IF I were a classroom teacher, I would be incredibly anxious about being prepared for remote learning situations in the fall.

I think many of us have found ourselves facing a number of problems this past spring. We are ALL in uncharted territory! We were overwhelmed with the number of resources being shoved at us! We were desperate for a way to reach our students and get them assignments!

Some of you were forced to use a brand new tool for the first time. And with that new tool came frustration with and misunderstandings about it’s many features! Were you given too much bad advice, inadequate training, or no training at all?

But now we have the summer to rest and recharge, and to rethink our games! Do you want a simple, streamlined digital workflow that organizes student work? Do you want a stress-free way to communicate with students and foster digital classroom discussions? Do you want a quick, efficient way of getting students feedback on their work? Then Google Classroom might be the tool for YOU!!


I’m offering two options for teachers just like you: a self-paced course and a special LIVE course. In these courses, you will navigate Google Classroom as a teacher and student to get you ready to use Classroom on day one!. 


Check out my Course page for more information about my course offerings!!

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